Below is a brainstorm of things that we should/could cover - everyone please add to the list and place your name next to the ones you would like to cover (there is no problem having more than one person on an item) :
What is critical literacy and why is it important in the classroom?
What is creativity and why is it important in the classroom?
What is thinking skills and why is it important in the classroom?
Linking thinking with critical literacy.
Linking thinking skills with technology
What education needs to look like to teach students in 21st century
Changing demands on education
Pedagogy and ICT
Best practice
How can we make all this work in the classroom?
  • digital communication
  • global classroom
  • online spaces
  • online tools
  • web 2.0
Problems, issues and risks
Professional development
Critical literacy & creativity outside the classroom - what is happening outside of school time
creative intelligence, visual mapping, and its place in 21st centrury education
Thinking skills - but students don't like to think, what can we do?
Multiliteracies - Technical,practical and critical. (Vin)
Deep Understanding,ICT and Thinking. (Vin)
Kidspiration-a vehicle for critical literacy. (Vin)
Australian perspective - what is happening in Australian schools in these areas?

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