Keri-Lee, you indicated earlier that you were interested in - Providing some direction that will help educators develop the skills their students will need in the future.
Perhaps below you could expand on the directions we could take this area.

Ok, sure!

I was thinking something along the lines of suggesting educators:
  • become facilitators rather than instructors (adopting a constructivist approach)
  • Learn from/with their students
  • foster the skills of communication, collaboration & critical thinking
  • Take risks with technology
  • involve students in examining real-world issues using technology

I was hoping to provide links to useful sites/resources that would help them achieve these things.

(Gail) This sounds great Keri-Lee. That would be a great contribution to this wiki. Think about how it should be presented, how many wiki pages would you like, would you also like a web page (easy to add a google web page), perhaps a podcast with some opinions from real teachers - I could set up podomatic if you wish ifor a podcast. What else would you need? what support would you like?

Keri-Lee, April 29th 2008
Below is a link to the (very beginnings) of the Educators section. Google pages is proving very easy to use.