This wiki is part of a group project between four educators with a common interest in Critical Literacy and Creativity.

*Please note that this wiki is no longer an on-going project, the content is available for use under Creative Commons License as stipulated on this site.*

Group members for this project:
Gail Casey
A secondary teacher at Geelong High School, Australia. With main interests in online learning, digital stories and global classroom projects. My class blog is at
A primary teacher and Primary Years Programme (PYP) workshop leader whose current role is IT teacher at United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore. I am particularly interested in maximising the use of web 2.0 technology in the classroom, focusing on real-world issues and capturing the voices of students for posterity through blogs, wikis and other technology.
Jaroslaw (Jerry)
A lecturer and faculty member of a higher education provider with an international and multicultural context. I am currently researching and developing integrated e-learning systems, with the aim of creating more effective and strategic pedagogies for the future.
Vin Healy
A primary teacher whose current role is as Director of Learning and Primary Years Program (PYP) coordinator at Kardinia International College Junior School in Geelong. I am particularly interested in Enquiry Learning and how to develop student questioning.

This work contains a range of information, recommendations, resources and implications for educators, administrators and students on critical literacy and creativity - it has been developed to cater for a range of audiences. The table below indicates relevant pages that may be of interest to our different audiences:
Teachers and Educators
Educators - Deepening Understanding - Creativity - Future Trends - The Classroom - Social Environments - WWW Extras
Administrators and Principals
Background - Future Trends - WWW Extras - Implications - References
The Classroom - Social Environments - WWW Extras